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Turn Your Backyard Into A Venue

Posted on July 27, 2021

With lockdown lifting we can finally see our friends and family again. Many of us are already planning parties and get together after spending the past few months renovating the garden and home to welcome them back (and show off what we have ben up to).

Many people invested in a hot tub in 2020, which led to a hot tub canopy, or an outdoor kitchen area. If you went all out in creating a luxurious back garden oasis for the best relaxation and hosting opportunities, then no doubt you already know about these excellent additions to help turn your outdoor space into your own personal venue.

LED Lighting

RGB LED lighting is economical lighting for which you can set the colour yourself. The LED bulbs last longer than ordinary bulbs and use less electricity for the same amount of light. Ideal for outdoors, where lamps often burn for hours.

In the past, LED lighting was invariably cold light, but that is different now. For ordinary LED lighting, you yourself choose the light colour or light temperature. If you want special colours, then of course you choose RGB LED lighting. With RGB lighting you decide what colour the lights light up. From cool blue to a warm, orange glow. Each colour creates its own atmosphere.

Blade Lighting

Some louvered canopy systems can integrate ambient lighting in different places, such as the blades, the columns or the duct. That’s handy, because under your terrace cover or pergola you certainly need a source of light, and thanks to the wireless integration you do not even notice it during the day. And in the evenings, you can enjoy the atmosphere and cosiness to the full.


Even when it gets colder, you can enjoy your outdoor space. Therefore you need to install heating elements. The radiation warmth leads to an equal spread of heat in the room with a minimal loss of heat. These heating elements are integrated in an aluminium design beam. This is the perfect way to create extra living space in an exterior area. You can also rotate the beam by up to 30 degrees to optimally adjust the heat distribution.

The heater in your pergola radiates shortwave infrared light which immediately dissipates heat and provides a pleasant feeling.


Retractable screens are added to canopies to create an outdoor room effect. The canopy suddenly serves as an extension to your home, a wind protecting pocket for you to relax in. They retract up into the integrated canopy system to keep everything safe and tidy, allowing for maximum usage and minimum wear and tear. As well as wall-like screens, you can also get sliding shutters which are a beautiful addition to any modern installation.

With modern canopies, you can host all kinds of events that may have seemed to large before, such as weddings, Christmas dinner, a Graduation Party, Sukkot, Quinceañera, 4th of July party, Sweet Sixteen…the possibilities are pretty endless. Create lasting memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life by keeping celebrations close to home, not just making them more personal, but ultimately cutting the cost of hiring a venue.

Retractable canopies also add security to your plans, as they can easily and safely protect you from the elements, wind, sun, rain and snow and will keep you warm with integrated heating in the winter, and brightly lit with bespoke LED lighting. You don’t need to choose between indoor and outdoor parties, retractable canopy systems give you the best of both worlds.