Heatstrip Design 910 X 748

Heatstrip Design

The Heatstrip range offers high intensity electric radiant heaters suitable for outdoor and tough indoor heating, preferably under canopies. With a stylish slim design and using minimal space, Heatstrip heaters are perfect for those wanting a low-maintenance, energy saving heater for their residential or commercial area.

The Heatstrip Design is a high intensity electric radiant heater suitable for outdoor and tough indoor heating. Taking up only a little space, the Heatstrip Design is thin but functional and can heat a terrace within 10 minutes. Energy savings and great performance can be expected. It should be preferably used under a rood or canopy outdoors in order to prevent loss of heat.

The Heatstrip Design has 1500W, 2400W and 3200W models available.

Additional Features

  • Casing made of high-grade aluminium
  • Complete with adjustable mounting supports suitable for walls and ceilings
  • The device comes with an electric lead and plug (1500W + 2400W)
  • The radiation panel itself is black, and produces no red glow
  • Voltage 240V
  • The maximum mounting height is 3.0m
  • The recommended mounting height is approx. 2.5m
  • The minimum mounting height is 2.1m, for safety reasons (the radiation panel surface reaches a temperature of at least 350°C)
  • The heaters are certified IP55 waterproof (This means that the Heatstrips are 100% rain and weatherproof)


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