Commercial Finance

Finance is now available with Rates starting from 3%

In an age where having strong cash reserves is vital, finance of equipment is fundamental to any business plan. It is generally considered unwise to pay for this equipment outright, using up valuable working capital. Any spare cash reserves should be used for more pressing requirements such as paying staff salaries, purchasing stock, cash flow contingencies or identifying potential new business opportunities.

We can provide finance over any period between one and five years with a minimum value of £1000 plus VAT

Quick and straightforward approval process. Depending on the complexity of the business requirement, finance can be approved within two hours. We do not have to undertake extensive research into your business history in order to provide asset finance as the asset is our security.

Payments are one hundred per cent tax deductible. With asset finance it is possible to offset one hundred per cent of your monthly payment to reduce your tax liability. It is the most tax efficient way of acquiring new beauty equipment.