Shading structure comprising the awning in a box fixed to the wall or ceiling, and the fabric pulled along by side guides, to then rest on the legs joined by the front crosspiece measuring 100 x 60 mm.

The fabric is maintained perfectly taut by the gas springs inside the side guides and the Dyneema® cable transmissions.
The structure has motorised controls fitted standards. All the visible components are made in powder painted aluminium with stainless steel screws and fittings.

Zero+ Basic
Guides fixed to the side ends of the front profile. The fabric is not secured to the side guides.

Zero+ ZIP
Unlike the Basic model, the fabric is secured to the side guides by a series of zips that run along a PVC profile. The series of stainless steel springs ensures perfect tension along both sides of the fabric.

Zero+ Slide
Guides fixed beneath the front piece to enable adjusting the position in width, up to a maximum distance of 50 cm from the sides of the structure.

Additional Features

  • Lightweight aluminium lean to retractable canopy system
  • Maximum size of 5m x 5m.
  • Fully retractable roof system that retracts back into a tidy cassette
  • Electrically operated via remote control
Finance available


If you want to spread the payments for your Awning, Louver or Retractable Canopy, we will be able to talk you through the payment plans available. You have the option to pay in installments of up to 5 years, with no upfront deposit required. Credit is subject to application and status.

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