The newest addition to the RENSON® terrace covering range is stylish, adaptable and fun. It can be fitted with LED lights in the blades, columns or profiles, heating elements can be added and flat panel speakers bring added life to the structure.

The Skye® has  aluminium blades in the roof which rotate and slide open. They offer protection from the rain, sun and wind. Hot air can escape in the summer and you can slide the roof open in the winter to enjoy sunlight to the fullest.

All fixatings, cabling and anchoring is hidden from view.

Skye® can be constructed in several ways: free-standing, fitted to an outside wall, recessed or integrated between two walls. Windproof screens, sliding glass doors or sliding panels can also beaded to the terrace.

Additional Features

  • Maximum size of 6.2m x 4.5m units, with larger spaces being covered with multiple coupled modules
  • Lean-To or Free-Standing structures available
  • Includes an integrated guttering system
  • Snow loading rating of up to 70kg/m2
  • Wind resistance of up to 120km/h for closed blades
  • Side screens optional
  • LED Lighting and Heating
  • Available in any RAL colour with 1 or 2 colour options
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