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Med Jean

Supplied with a lightweight frame, and ideal for domestic use, the Med Jean aluminium framed retractable canopy system is an attractive and affordable way to expand your home.

An all-weather solution, it offers shelter from the rain and shading from the sun.

When required, the roof can be fully retracted so you can make the most of fine weather.

When tensioned, this retractable roof offers a flat surface, which has been engineered as such to discharge rainwater through an integrated guttering system. It is also highly wind resistant.

Category: Retractable Canopies

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminium lightweight framework – ideal for domestic applications
  • Maximum size of 4.5m x 5m, with larger spaces being covered with multiple coupled modules
  • Retractable roof system that retracts back in a concertina motion
  • Stack protection to protect the retracted fabric
  • Integrated guttering system
  • Optional Front and Side Screens
  • LED Lighting and Heating
  • Supplied in a range of standard RAL colours
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