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Renson Algarve

The Algarve louvred canopy is a simple and practical terrace cover that offers a sun protection system based on rotating blades. The extruding aluminium blades rotate up to 150 degrees, enabling the user to decide how much sun protection and the necessary ventilation and cooling is required.

When closed, the blades form a waterproof roof and the system also includes an integrated guttering system which drains the water from the blades into the support columns, which also act as drainage down pipes. Any furniture below is always protected, as even when the blades are opened after rain, the blades are designed so the water is drained away sideways.

Category: Louvre Canopies

Highlighted Features

  • Maximum size of 6.05m x 4.5m, with larger spaces being covered with multiple coupled modules.
  • Lean-To or Free-Standing structures available
  • Snow loading rating of up to 70kg/m2
  • Wind resistance of up to 120km/h for closed blades
  • Includes an integrated guttering system.
  • Side screens optional.
  • LED Lighting and Heating
  • Available in any RAL colour with 1 or 2 colour options.

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