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Shade Zone Showroom Had a Makeover

Posted on August 03, 2021

Shade Zone, the industry leading shading solutions specialists in the UK, has now opened up its new Showroom. Whilst 2020 may have seen its completion, lockdown and Covid certainly put a dampener on the grand opening. However, time benefits the patient, and we at Shade Zone were able to upgrade our showroom even further for a 2.0 opening in 2021!

Shade Zone is a Hull born and raised small company that has really made its mark in the shading and outdoor industry over lockdown. We are actively searching to employ local people as we continue to expand and develop the company as demand increases, offering training and career opportunities to graduates and apprentices, as well as seasoned professionals.

Come by the showroom to see what we are all about, have a chat with the owner or any of our shading experts in our close knit family run business. Blood, sweat and tears got us where we are today and the people of Hull have helped greatly along the way, allowing us to expand out and supply shading solutions to people all over the country, appearing in different magazines, publications and receiving many awards.

In our state of the art showroom you will find:

Weinor awnings, the budget option for a permanent structure patio shading solution. Our awnings are water resistant and use modern fabrics, technology and design to make an easy and practical addition to any garden. You can expect to pay between £2000 and £8000 on an awning depending on the size, type and additions to the initial product. Our showroom will show you the different options, from electric to manual, and our trained shading experts will be happy to advise you on the beast options for your home.


Gibus retractable canopies, a popular middle market option for those wanting the best of both worlds. You can expect to pay between £10,000 and £30,000 for a retractable canopy, all depending on the system, the size and additional units – such as heating and lighting. A retractable canopy could be a great option for your patio covering as it is a 365 day a year solution to increasing your time spent outdoors and as a permanent fixture, adds value to your home.


Renson louvered canopies such as the flagship canopy, the Camargue. The louvered canopies are the industry leading standard of state of the art luxury canopies for your home. Shade Zone is an ambassador to Renson, proving a high standard of expertise, care and consideration for our customers’ needs and desires. You can expect to pay between £10,000 and £50,000 for a louvered canopy, but these certainly retain their value, add value to your property as a permanent fixture, even recognised as an extension to your home. These are a 365 day solution for spending more time outside but being protected from the elements. In our showroom you will be able to try out the Camargue yourself and see how you can control a vast array of LED lighting colour and style combinations, along with heating, and control of roof blades which can be meticulously position for the perfect amount of sun light and shade.


We also have outdoor living accessories such as:

Alexander Rose furniture, sustainable, eco-friendly furniture hand made with techniques passed down from tribes in West Africa. Alexander Rose furniture is crafted for life, survive all seasons and built to last.


Big Green Eggs, the original, the best. The Big Green Egg is the original Kamado. It can do multiple styles of cooking in one, throwing away the need for many different types of outdoor cooking product. The Big Green Egg is a legacy item with multiple awards, and a well-known brand name in its origin country, America.


Delivita pizza ovens, voted the number one pizza oven in the UK for 2021 by the Independent. This lightweight, all surfaces pizza oven is a game changer in the realm of outdoor cooking. Light enough to take on picnics, large enough to feed the family and can be placed on any surface without damage. This pizza oven comes in a range of fun colours to suit your garden design and personality and is owned by a Yorkshire based family run company with Italian roots, meaning we get the best of supporting our local businesses, as well as the expertise of Italian food.