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Rooftop Pergola

Admire the view and take in your surroundings on a rooftop terrace all while under a rooftop canopy to create your very own hidden paradise. A roof shelter will make those sunny afternoons and starry nights that little bit more perfect. A rooftop cover is ideal for a seating/dining area suited for both residential and commercial locations. With a rooftop pergola you get sun, wind and rain protection enhancing the rooftop experience!

At a glance

  • Create The Perfect Setting On A Rooftop Terrace With A Stylish Canopy
  • Optional Heating & Lighting For Those Dark & Cold Nights
  • Open Blades Allows Light Though & Closed Blades Protect You From Harmful UV Rays
  • Stylish & Modern Designs To Choose From
  • Ideal For Al Fresco Dining & Relaxing
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