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Rooftop Pergola

Admire the view and take in your surroundings on a rooftop terrace all while under a rooftop canopy to create your very own hidden paradise. A roof shelter will make those sunny afternoons and starry nights that little bit more perfect. A rooftop canopy can also be pivotal in creating a welcoming outdoor seating area. A retractable canopy or louvered canopy can help protect furniture from sun bleaching or excessive water damage. A rooftop cover is ideal for a seating and dining area suited for both residential and commercial locations. With a rooftop pergola you get sun, wind and rain protection enhancing the rooftop experience!

Thanks to a canopy you can live outside all year round. Especially if you opt for a roof terrace covering with side walls and possibly heating. This is how you create an extra living space with a patio cover. And that is not an unnecessary luxury, especially if you live in a small apartment.

Nothing says “kick back, take in the sights, and enjoy treasured time with friends” quite like a rooftop deck. But just where does the rooftop magic come from? Maybe it’s the invigorating vistas, the whimsical sense of escape, or the fun associated with taking something traditionally at ground level and quite literally elevating it. In a city like London, it is hard to find a quiet place to retreat but your new canopy will give you that space.

Canopies are a great way to spice up a rooftop deck. If you have lots of planters, then it can become part of your landscaping. It can also transform your outdoor space into an extension of the rest of your home. Rooftop terraces get lots of fresh air and light, and whilst you may struggle to have a garden in the traditional sense of the word, stylishly placed and thought out planters can help transport you to another continent entirely.

Before your design plans go sky-high, there are a few important elements to take into consideration.

  • Make sure you’ve checked and double-checked building code laws and any Homeowners’ Association restrictions. Nothing will put the cap on your dreams of a rooftop deck faster than “no build” red tape.
  • Once you’re clear to build, closely read all warranty and installation information and work with a professional, as rooftop deck installation is an advanced project. Your contractor and supplier will more than likely need to be working with heavy machinery such as a crane to get all the heavy aluminium parts up there.
  • When it comes to design options, there are several factors to consider. Size, shape and height are three basics that you’ll need to account for, of course.

Sun protection

Did you know that your rooftop canopy can also serve as sun protection? The rays of a high midday sun do not enter your home, but the pleasant warmth of a low spring or autumn sun does. With a louvered roof, you can control the light according to your wishes. Part of the appeal of a rooftop deck is that you can enjoy unobscured bright skies and bold views — but sometimes, the sun can get a little too direct. If you want a just-right amount of shade that won’t take away from the experience of lounging up high, consider a retractable canopy or louvered canopy. Given their size, canopies draw the eye, making them an ideal way to make a bold design statement and unify the overall feel of your outdoor living space.

Now that you’re teeming with rooftop deck ideas, transform inspiration into an actionable design plan.

At a glance

  • Create The Perfect Setting On A Rooftop Terrace With A Stylish Canopy
  • Optional Heating & Lighting For Those Dark & Cold Nights
  • Open Blades Allows Light Though & Closed Blades Protect You From Harmful UV Rays
  • Stylish & Modern Designs To Choose From
  • Ideal For Al Fresco Dining & Relaxing