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Outdoor Kitchen Canopies

Over lockdown many of us in the UK have had to spend a lot more time at home than normal. This has meant we have found a new appreciation for our space and how we spend our time, opting for more outdoor activities and spending more time in our gardens. This includes renovations, home improvements and taking care of our properties more than before lockdown, as we didn’t spend so much time in them during the normal 9-5 slog. Many people developed an interest in baking, and cooking, which has developed into more BBQs and an influx of people developing outdoor kitchens. We are resilient creatures, preparing these outdoor spaces for the day lockdown lifts and we can invite our friends and families over again to enjoy our new found passions for cooking, or show off the most recent development in the garden (paid for with the money saved from not being able to go on holiday).

Outdoor kitchens don’t have to be complex, but they do have a few key elements which will be a deciding factor on your budget. From budget, to luxury, there is a bespoke option for everyone’s needs. On the market today, there are a number of different types of outdoor cooking options, from BBQs and smokers to pizza ovens and kamados. Integrated cabinets, sinks and even fridges are available and some people are able to create their very own, custom built mini outdoor kitchen with the help of a designer or contractor.

As the outdoor kitchen is mostly popular for those who enjoy hosting and entertaining family and friends, it is common for the outdoor kitchen to revolve around an outdoor eating area, lounge or dining space on the patio. Some aficionados even have a hot tub or pool!

As always, when hosting friends or family outside, you are having fun and it is easy to forget about the impact of harmful UV ray exposure over a period of time. To combat the sun’s rays, outdoor kitchens are often designed with a canopy in mind. Louvre systems work best for this as they are the most up to date, state of the art and stylish systems on the market to date, they come with a remote control so the operator can control the direction of the blades to control the amount and direction of sunlight being allowed onto the outdoor kitchen. The remote can also control the colour and brightness of LED lighting and heating, which can be added as an additional bespoke feature.

These permanent fixtures add value to your property and style to your home. They also vastly improve the quality of your life by allowing you an outdoor retreat 365 days a year. An outdoor kitchen canopy is not a quick solution to a short term problem, but an investment to a better quality of life and a development of the home, much like building an extension. With proper planning and quality contractors, you can build the perfect outdoor kitchen and hosting space that will last a lifetime, and should not be rushed.

Things To Consider

There are more details you want to consider other than how your canopy will look or where you will place your outdoor kitchen in your background.

Electricity and Plumbing

The best outdoor kitchen canopies should have access to electricity, as these canopies will be installed with additional LED lights and heating which really set the mood and improve the quality of your outdoor experience, they also enable you to stay outside for longer, into the darker hours, or further into the colder months, truly providing a 365 days a year usage. It is also possible to have a sound system and TV hook up in your outdoor kitchen, but your fridge will also need electricity too, the possibilities really are endless once you consider additional factors such as access to electricity. Keep in mind that the electricity will come from your house, so make sure you have space for additional circuits in your panel box. There are many creative ways to cover or disguise wiring to keep your covered outdoor kitchen area looking sleek. And you can’t forget the plumbing. If you have a sink in your outdoor kitchen you will need to keep in mind where you will connect your sink to.

Rain and Snow

It’s important to remember that roofs collect rainwater that will naturally flow downhill. The best louvre canopies have integrated guttering systems that collect rain water from the roof and allows it to drain through a pipe in the centre of the legs, allowing it to spill out splash free on the ground. If you do opt for a louvre system and you do get heavy snow fall, be careful before you open up the blades or you may get a shock as the snow drops on you!

At a glance

  • Cook All Year Round!
  • Coverage Of Your Outdoor Kitchen Surfaces From All Weather Conditions
  • Optional LED Lighting So You Can Cook Outdoors On Dark Evenings
  • Optional Side Screens For Extra Protection From Wind and Rain
  • Optional Outdoor Heating
  • Bespoke Sizes