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Hot Tub Canopies

Over lockdown, hot tub sales rose in the UK by 1000% as more people found themselves spending more time at home and in the garden. Since holidays abroad and going out for meals were out of the question for so long, there was a lot more spare cash going around to spend on the home. Many people found a new appreciation for their space and looked to renovate and improve upon their homes and gardens to improve their quality of life, and be able to enjoy their space more.

Enter the Hot Tub: The new height of attainable luxury and embodiment of relaxation. The UK flocked to hot tub retailers all over the country, causing stock shortages and stores to sell out for most of the summer of 2020. Couple that with the warmer weather and recent heat waves, people are wanting to spend as much time as possible outside – leading to sunburn and sunstroke and ultimately, not a very good time.

The Skin Cancer Foundation urges everyone to take sun protection seriously, and it is all too easy to forget that not all sun cream is waterproof, and will wash off in the hot tub. That is why it is urged to enjoy your time in the shade, to keep you cool and away from intense, harmful UV rays. That is easily achievable when you have a hot tub canopy.

There are many different options for shading your hot tub space, but we think a louvre canopy is the most fit for purpose. Not only are they great hot tub canopies for keeping the sun out, but they also look beautiful and will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

Not only does a canopy offer protection from the sun when our minds are elsewhere occupied with enjoying ourselves, but they also offer us privacy. Thanks to the modular system of modern louvre canopies, they are entirely customisable to fit any needs and design choices. Thanks to the added benefits of privacy, you can enjoy more time in the hot tub, either having parties or hanging out with friends and family.

As sales in hot tubs has risen so dramatically, it is understandable to see hot tub canopies are starting to become more popular, as more and more people are putting in their orders, waiting times are increasing. Take in mind how the Lockdown, Brexit and other social factors have had an impact on the speed in which canopies can be supplied to eager hot tub owners, ordering ahead of time will ensure a lack of disappointment.

At a glance

  • Hot tub sales have soared over lockdown, increasing the need for sun protection and shading solutions like hot tub canopies.
  • The UK flocked to hot tub retailers all over the country, causing stock shortages and stores to sell out for most of the summer of 2020.
  • Louvre hot tub canopies are stylishly designed and made of modern materials.
  • Hot tub canopies offer you protection from both intense sunlight and rain showers, so weather concerns are a thing of the past.
  • A hot tub canopy offers added privacy for you and your guests as you enjoy time in your outdoor space.
  • Louvre hot tub canopies are made of zero maintenance materials so you do not have to worry about upkeeping the stylish finish.
  • Louvre canopies can be customised with LED lighting, heating, bespoke sizing and retractable screens for added privacy.
  • A louvre canopy can be remote controlled to open or close the roof blades, but once more, they can be perfectly angled to still allow sunlight through, but so it isn’t shining in your face.
  • Louvre canopies contribute to the hot tub lifestyle of partying and relaxation thanks to incorporated LED lighting systems so you can customise your look with a variety of colours.
  • Heating can also be applied, so that even when summer is over, you can still enjoy your hot tub experience well into the colder months.
  • Many of the louvre canopies available also have integrated guttering system, which means when it rains, the water collects inside the canopy leg and is released splash free at the bottom.
  • Louvre canopies come with the ability to add screens, which can be moved up or down, or even panels that can be tilted open or closed.