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Like all Shade Zone systems, the Camargue was made bespoke to fit the clients patio area perfectly and tailored to the clients needs. With their own outdoor BBQ area this Camargue will be a great addition to their terrace.It is a great way to extend your home.
For this project we had to arrange for the Camargue’s blades, legs, screens and glass doors to be lifted on to the fifth floor. As the client has a tiled roof top terrace we had to arrange the careful extraction of some tiles so that the electrical feed for the canopy can be installed without any wires showing.
This Camargue has many different features, including LED lighting in the rotating blades and infra red heat beam which was powder coated to match the frame of the Camargue .
The Client opted for glass sliding panels and drop down fix screens to be added to two sides of the this system.
The blades rotate 150 degrees to allow as much light in as required and when closed the full rotating blade system becomes water tight. The Camargue has a built in guttering system that drains the water down the columns.