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This client only knew that they wanted a covering for their seated area, but like many people, didn't know where to start in terms of what would be best for their space and requirements. Our trained experts were able to advise the different products that would best suit the clients lifestyle and needs, taking into a account how often the space would be used, and the kind of things the space would be used for.

We informed him that an awning would be best as it offers sun protection and it can be retracted back. There is no frame to obstruct his view of his garden. Also, we added a heater and the integrated lighting so he can be under the awning even on chilly nights.

The product in question was a 5.5m x 3.5m Semina Life LED with an integrated bar and Tempura heating system, additionally with the Weinor’s own ‘Tempura heater’, the awning, lights and heater can be all operated from the 1 remote. The client opted for a speckled and sparkly grey frame with grey striped fabric.